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Quickly Earn a Distance Learning Degree from an Accredited College!

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Distance Degrees are  the most practical way for you to earn a college degree while you continue working and fulfilling your family obligations.  The various degree programs and courses featured  are all offered by respected accredited online colleges and universities. 

We feature over 500 U.S. Universities and Colleges, all of which are  fully accredited offering degrees in over 900 different fields (that's over 10,000 different programs) We feature Bachelor's to Doctorate's. You'll  find the best school...instantly!

These are NOT ``Diploma Mill Scams!"  These are degrees from regionally accredited schools.  Here are some of them:

  • Duke University   -    MBA
  • Purdue University  -  M.S. in Engineering
  • Stanford University - M.S. in Electrical Engineering
  • Tulane University  -   M.S. in Public Health 
  • Syracuse University - M.B.A.
  • California State University  -  B.A. Sociology, B.S. Nursing
  • University of Southern California (USC) - M.A. Gerontology

Earn credit for Life / Work experience    We feature fully accredited schools which will grant you a full Bachelor's degree based solely on life experience!

You can earn a state approved Law degree by correspondence

Earn your accredited MBA degree through correspondence  using videotapes at home! This is offered by many good schools which we feature.

We'll show you where you can be accepted to an accredited MBA college degree program without a Bachelor's Degree

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